How far in advance should we book our DJ?
If you have a specific DJ in mind, the sooner the better! Certain dates book up early, and if you wait there is no guarantee that the DJ you have in mind will be available.

Can we meet with a DJ before booking?
Absolutely. Everyone should have the opportunity to meet with a DJ prior to signing a contract! Let us know if you would like to speak with a particular DJ and we will have them contact you. We recommend having a phone conversation first, and then if you feel it’s necessary you can schedule a face-to-face.

Can we see the DJ perform?
Almost all of the events that we have the privilege of providing entertainment for are private and invite only. We also like to focus all of our attention on the client booked on that day, without any distractions. Keep in mind that if a DJ invites you to visit another clients event, he will probably invite potential clients to your event too!

Do you have references?
Please feel free to visit our Facebook and Wedding Wire page for reviews from our past clients. And remember to leave us a review after your event, your words are greatly appreciated!

Why do I have to sign a contract?
A contract can seem scary to some people, but it’s there to protect you and the DJ. Keep in mind that if you hire any professional without a contract, they can take your money and not show up at your event.

Will the DJ I request be the one who shows up at my event?
Yes. Part of our booking process involves us signing the agreement that lists the name of the DJ you’ve selected.

What if something happens and our contracted DJ can’t make it to our event?
Although we have never missed an event, we do have standby DJ’s for emergencies.

Is gratuity included in your price?
No, but we encourage you to consider tipping your DJ if you feel that they have helped to make your event a success.

Can you provide music for our Ceremony?
Of course! But please note that if your ceremony or cocktail hour is in a separate location, such as outdoors or a different room from your reception, you will require an additional system. The cost for the additional set-up is $150.00 and includes a wireless lavalier. Please make sure that you let us know ahead of time if you will require another system.

What kind of equipment do you use?
All of our audio and video equipment is state-of-the art so that we can provide sound, lighting, and videos for events of all sizes. Our musical knowledge and inventory of mp3′s, CD’s, and even 45′s ranges from the 1940’s to today’s top 40 hits as well as a variety of ethnic music.

How much music do you have?
Let’s put it this way, when iTunes can’t find a song, they call us! Hopefully anyone who calls themselves a “DJ” will have a large library of music. It’s safe to assume that any DJ you’re considering has a lot of music… the important questions are… Does the DJ know when the best time to play a certain song is? How many slow songs is too many? etc. Experience is the only way to gain this knowledge, and every DJ on our staff has a minimum of 5 years experience.

How interactive are you? Do you use props?
We are as interactive as you would like us to be. We can be the background music or act as an MC and lead dances and activities. Your DJ will make sure to speak with you prior to your event so that there are no surprises (unless, of course, your prefer to be surprised!) We will honor our clients who request to not use props, but our DJ’s are more than glad to bring along glow sticks, YMCA hats, hula-hoops, maracas, etc. There is a way to implement props without being “cheesy”…trust us!

Should we provide a meal for our DJ?
Although not required, your DJ will accept a meal if it’s offered; and they do work best with a full stomach!

Does the DJ take breaks?
No, you will have continuous music throughout your event unless you request otherwise.

What if our event is longer than we anticipated? Can we decide during our event to keep our DJ for overtime? Our DJ’s are more than happy to keep the party going as long as you are! Make sure it’s okay with your function hall, and ask your DJ to stay. Just remember that the overtime rates on your contract apply.

Do you have DJ insurance?
Yes, most venues require DJ’s to carry insurance in order to perform at their location. Copies of your DJ’s insurance are available upon request.

What makes DJ Star Entertainment unique?
Any DJ company can rave about having 5 million songs or the best equipment available, but none of that means they’ll help make your event a success. Our DJ’s do more than press buttons; we are not human jukeboxes! We understand that even if you learned of us through a referral from a satisfied client of ours, no one should have to blindly trust a company they’ve never used before. For that reason, we offer everyone the opportunity to meet face to face or talk on the phone with the DJ before they commit to booking.